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The construction of casinos in Massachusetts seems to be just around the corner. While there remains little doubt that slot machines and gaming tables will soon be up and running in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, folks around the state continue to be divided about the value of bringing a casino into their town. While some residents can hardly wait for the construction to begin, others are already geared up , hoping to keep casino action out - at least out of their town.

What moves people to take one side of the argument or the other .? Opposed to Casinos in Massachusetts Some of those most opposed to casinos in Massachusetts are opposed on religious grounds. The state has a large proportion of church going residents. Regardless of their religious preference many of those who do attend church regularly oppose what they consider to be the questionable moral conduct that is a part of what others describe simply as entertainment.

Squandering wealth, attempting to gain money through chance, slotoff.com looking to make a fortune, playing with the gifts you have been given, appear to those opposed to casinos to be immoral activities, activities not worthy of the human spirit. In addition to the gaming itself, those who are opposed to casinos from a moral perspective point to the fact that the effects of gaming can be the same as with any other addictive behavior and can lead easily to more problems. Those who become addicted to gambling, often use money that should be going to meet family or personal needs.

When money runs, out those drawn compulsively to gambling may search for other devious, illegal and immoral means to obtain the funds needed to return to the gaming they crave. Getting more funds for gaming may include stealing, lying or cheating. For those who oppose gambling on religious grounds there is a real danger from the construction of a casino. It is the first step in a concentric circle of trouble. People gamble, they become addicted, they act immorally to continue to play.

For some religious adherents , gambling can be the equivalent of a "false God" or an idol to replace God. The casino is merely the temple for that idol and something many people with serious religious convictions oppose vehemently. Not everyone who opposes the construction of casinos does so out of religious conviction. Many people are fearful that the introduction of a casino will actively work to destroy the peace and quiet of their home town and eventually the value of their property.

These people are troubled by the large volume of traffic that the presence of a casino in their town will generate. While casinos don't ordinarily mean lots of loud commercial trucks, they can mean the constant traffic of private cars and tour buses day and night. Casinos they argue can very quickly change the character of a town as more and more demands are made on town services and town customs . Town leaders also note that in addition to the increased traffic, residents need to be concerned about the kinds of people who will be trafficking in and out of their community.

No one needs worry about the senior citizen couple who comes to the casino once a month to spend their social security check. But what about the high rollers, the fat cats, the fringe element, they will be coming to town too. Town leaders argue that the presence of casinos ends up meaning that the town will welcome less than savory elements that can only end by destroying the fabric of the community and the value of the property therein.

Finally Massachusetts residents opposed to the construction of casinos appeal to logic. They ask people to consider the availability of other gaming options. In the state of Massachusetts the lottery is operating at full tilt, regularly providing new games and opportunities to win. Further, more Massachusetts residents can already enjoy casino action in Connecticut at two full resort casinos at Foxwood and the Mohegan Sun. Both venues offer a full menu of gaming services including slots and table action.

Rhode Island does not yet have full casinos with table games, but the newly refurbished Twin Rivers in Lincoln, RI has thousands of slot machines and lots of entertainment. Newport Rhode Island offers a second smaller slot facility in Rhode Island. Massachusetts citizens are not without options should they occasionally desire to indulge in gaming. Opponents to the construction of gambling casinos in Massachusetts contend that common sense says no more options are needed at this time.

In Favor of Casinos in Massachusetts . The likelihood that casinos will soon be going up in Massachusetts is seen as a big plus by lots of small time, recreational gamblers. They know they have options in Connecticut and Rhode Island but to them the logic works against taking these options.

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